Sunday, September 18, 2016

Square Enix Brings Back King's Knight

The first video game I bought with my own money was Squaresoft's King's Knight for the NES. This was a time when you had to rely on the laminated cards in Toys 'R Us to determine whether a game was going to be good. Sure there were game magazines, but there was no guarantee they would cover a game, and they could be owned by the company trying to sell you the game anyway.

King's Knight looked like a Zelda-style game, it was not. It looked awesome, it was not. King's Knight was a forced-scrolling shooter with terrible jumping thrown in. Most of the game play was getting crushed by terrain at the bottom of the screen. While I have no data, my guess is that after the release of Final Fantasy, a lot of very confused kids bought this piece of junk.

Now in an attempt to rehabilitate Final Fantasy, which has had a rough decade, Square Enix is tying the return of King's Knight to the upcoming Final Fantasy 15.