Monday, September 12, 2016

Savage Worlds Reread

So, I am about halfway through my reread of the Savage Worlds and I forgot how much I loved this game. I played a lot of Savage Worlds back in the mid-aughts, but I haven't touched it much since I moved for law school in 2008. I basically used Savage Worlds for everything for a while, it seemed like everyone was at the time. Of course the Internet was a bit more fragmented in those days, broken up into a lot more forum based communities, so it could have just been the Fear the Boot forums that we're going crazy with it (Savage Worlds Woooooo!). 

Over time I moved away from Savage Worlds in favor of games where the mechanics were more tied to the theme of the games. I had played so much Savage Worlds that I could always see the man behind the curtain. Fantasy started to fell the same as scifi, which felt the same as superheroes. This is a danger for all generic systems, and a good argument for not using them for too many different campaigns back-to-back. I think this was even more of a problem for Savage Worlds because it was so rules light. But, as I have been rereading it, I am remembering how much I enjoyed it. I am really looking forward to running it again at TridentCon.