Sunday, September 11, 2016

One Year Since Last Post

So it has been a year since my last post. I never have been any good at updating this thing. I have had a pretty busy year and done a lot of gaming. I have a large amount of gaming related things going on in the short term, and I hope to use the blog to force myself to keep moving.

I am running three games at TridentCon in a month. I will be running:

  1. A Castles & Crusades Stonehell session. This requires almost no prep on my part as I use both the rules and the setting for my regular game.
  2. A Savage Rifts adventure that I am writing. This is going to be the most trouble of the three. I have played a lot of Savage Worlds, but I have not touched it in about 5 years. I backed Savage Rifts, and I have read through the .pdfs. I need to go back through the Deluxe Rulebook and actually write the adventure. I also need to come up with suitable miniatures, paper of plastic.
  3. A WEG d6 Star Wars adventure. I have not run this game in a very long time, but it is simple, and I ran it every week for 4 years in the '90s, so it should be easy to get back up to speed. 
I am running a session of my home C&C Stonehell game next weekend. This will require some prep, but not too much. I was able to restock and update immediately after the last game. I introduced a new sublevel last time, and I was very happy with how it went. I have made four sublevels for Stonehell. Two of which have seen play. Oddly, the two oldest are the two that have never seen play, because no group has ever found them. I made them shortly after Stonehell came out, so that is a long time laying unused.

I have also been working on burning down my RPG backlog, both tabletop and video game RPGs. I finally finished reading through all of the 5th edition rulebooks for D&D. I read through the PHB and Starter Set when they came out, and I liked what I read. I have played in a few sessions and run a few sessions as well. I don't know that reading the DMG really changes my opinion of the game in any way. It was a good DMG.

I have also been working my way through the .pdfs I have of Lamentations of the Flame Princess and Castles & Crusades adventures. I must have bought bundles of both some time in the last couple of years, because I have a lot of each company's adventures. I have made it through most of the LotFP modules and the first three A Series modules for C&C.

I also uncovered several boxes of RPG stuff that date back to high school in my parents' attic, and I have been slowly going through all of that. One interesting thing I found in there was a campaign I had been working on where I was converting all of my MERP supplements to AD&D 2nd Edition. I find this interesting because +trey causey has been publishing an effort to make a pulpy Middle Earth on his blog. While that is a very different thing, it has still sparked my interest in what I was doing back then. I didn't have any concept of pulp, swords and sorcery, or "old school" in the mid '90s; but I was trying to make the supplements work in AD&D. I did know that this required more than just converting stats over (some of the supplements even had charts for that already), I knew it required a rethinking of the world of Middle Earth to fit D&D. Those supplements were great, and I would still love to do something/see something done with them. I will be watching From the Sorcerer's Skull closely over the coming weeks.

Anyway, I have a long list ahead of me over the next few weeks:

  1. Refresh my Savage Worlds rules knowledge
  2. Refresh my Star Wars rules knowledge
  3. Make pregens for Savage Rifts
  4. Make pregens for Star Wars
  5. Write Savage Rifts adventure
  6. Write Star Wars adventure
  7. Play test?
  8.  Find Savage Rifts minis
  9. Finish Final Fantasy V
  10. Finish Pokemon Yellow
On those last two, I always have at least two games going, one console and one handheld. I am trying to finish all of the Final Fantasy games before FFXV comes out later this year. That isn't as hard as it sounds since I beat most of the games when they came out. In the last year or so, I have finished FFX and FFVIII. I just finished a play through of FFVII last weekend. I beat that one when it came out, but it has been so long I hardly remembered what happened. I never beat FFV, as the PS1 version was crap. I am currently working on the GBA version, but playing it on an emulator (I have the cart). This would be the last of the good, main series games that I have not beat. I have never completed FFII or FFIII, but I have played both extensively in the past. I don't know if they are really worth going back to, but I will at least give them a shot. 

I have never played a Pokemon game before, but my four-year-old is obsessed, so I picked up Yellow for my 3DS. I am liking it so far, but it is often pretty hard to figure out what I am supposed to be doing. I play a lot of old games, so I accept the fact that things were just more opaque on the 8-but systems. We will see how that goes. Luckily there are lots of guides for that game.