Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Edge of Empire: Session 9

The party began session 9 huddled in their camouflaged ship, recovering from their battle with the pyramid droids and the Imperial Special Forces. The giant beam was still firing through the lens on top of the pyramid, so they decided to determine where it might be pointing. After some discussion Tarn, the smuggler, informed them that since the planet was rotating, and all of the heavenly bodies involved were moving in relation to each other, they would only be able to determine a series of planes swept through space by the beam on which the Dyson Sphere could lie. They would need to find the other two pyramids and see where the beams intersected in order to determine where the Dyson Sphere was located. 

He also warned them that there could be more than one possible intersection, so they would need to determine a time element in order to pinpoint which location was valid. He also explained that since the beams only travel at the speed of light, they would need to make a computer model to predict the behavior of each of the beams.  Caitlin and Neelo worked up a computer model and set the ship’s computer crunching the numbers.

The team decided to go back into the pyramid to see if they could learn more after the withdrawal of the Imperial Special Forces unit. When they made their way back through the tunnel they found that the pyramid was empty except for the ruined hulks of the pyramid droids and the corpses of the Imperial Special Forces unit. IG-13 managed to make his way through the superheated cylinder and turn off the beam. As he powered down the beam they noticed that the each of the three knobs controlled one color component of the beam: red, blue, and green.

Once the room cooled down they began their investigation of the inside of the cylinder. They found a shallow groove running in a spiral up the inside of the cylinder, out of phase with the staircase, The information they learned from their investigation of the cylinder, combined with Mia’s dreams led them to believe that the cylinder had been a kind of shell for the creature living inside the Dyson Sphere and that the beam and pyramid had been added later. To complete their investigation they climbed to the top of the cylinder and went onto the roof of the pyramid through the hole cut by ISF. They found Loag corpses on the roof and came to the conclusion that the ISF had been attacked from behind by the Loag after making their way through the lens.

After they returned to the ship, the party decided that they had waited long enough for the Imperials to clear the system before leaving and headed for orbit. They broke atmosphere in the middle of a pitched space battle between an Imperial frigate, its Tie escorts, and a couple of squadrons of X-Wings. They decided they did not want to get involved and began plotting a hyperspace course. The pilot noticed that none of the X-Wings were equipped with astromech droids, meaning they must be based in the system. As they made the jump to light speed, Alamar Upside fired a volley of proton torpedoes at the frigate.

When the dropped out of hyperspace in the Elrood system they learned that conditions on the ground had continued to get worse, and that there were reports that an Imperial frigate had been destroyed responding to a pirate attack on the Alamar system. They determined that Alamar Upside was in fact a Rebel base and that Gavin may have been trying to recruit them with his cryptic message on the station. They decided to head to Elroodeen to see if Paz Nor had any work for them.

Paz Nor was waiting for the party at The Pit to make them an offer they could not refuse. He offered them the chance to become full, protected members of Lud Chud’s organization. This would mean that their debt to Abba the Hutt would essentially be nullified, and they would fall under Lud Chud’s protection. In return they would be expected to raise money for the organization through various “business” ventures. After some deliberation they accepted. They decided to attempt to smuggle some weapons through the Derilyn blockade for Paz Nor. This is anticipated to have a very high payoff if successful. Before leaving for Derilyn they decided to contact Gavin on Alamar Upside, and through coded messages they accepted an offer to join the Rebel Alliance.