Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Edge of Empire: Session 6

My Edge of Empire group did not get to meet last week because I was sick, but we were back in full swing this week. The group was focused on rescuing Mia and Zann from the Loag assassins that had kidnapped them at the end of the last session. They were concerned that her visions indicated that she was force sensitive and she might fall into the wrong hands.

Kal, the party member who was arrested a few sessions back, did some research into the Loag and learned that they were an assassin-for-hire group from the planet Merisee. Long ago the Meris people had lived on two different continents, separated by a wide and dangerous ocean. Thousands of years ago a land-bridge formed between the continents and a devastating war began. After the near total destruction of their environment the Meris swore off wore. Many of their warlords were angered by this decision and retreated to a secret lair on the land bridge. Over time this group of warlords became the Loag, a group hired for assassination, kidnapping, and other nefarious deeds.

The Jedi began a crusade against the Loag after Merisee joined the Republic. While most of the Loag were hunted down, a few survived, operating in the shadows. With the Jedi gone, a group calling itself The Cult of those Who Redeem took up the fight against the Loag, and quietly studied the ways of the Force.

The party decided to pursue the Loag angle and flew to Merisee. Upon arriving, they began investigating possibel members of the Cult. The discovered that several years ago a female Meris named Mael cut her leg off while playing with a lightsaber. They tracked her down to a bar called The Old Ways. The bar turned out to be a front for Cult activity in the city. The Cult was more than happy to offer their help and told the party about a Loag contact operating out of the Contemplation Gardens named Sarl.

The group made their way to the Gardens and, posing as prospective customers, got an audience with Sarl. They beat the location of the Loag lair out of Sarl and then executed him. They learned that the Loag were operating out of a hollowed out volcano that could only be accessed by air or an underwater tunnel.

The party decided that they would need more men to raid the Loag base and contacted Lockett, the agent for a mercenary band called the Road Dogs. Lockett arrived at The Old Ways with LT. Nills and SGT. Braddock of the Road Dogs. The Road Dogs had 15 men available for the mission. The group decided to get SCUBA gear and sneak in through the underwater tunnel while the pilot, Tarn, caused a diversion by the aerial entrance.

The group made its way through the tunnel and emerged into an underground docking area with two submarines. They noticed a Loag assassin smoking a deathstick on a guard platform, and Braddock killed him with his spear gun.  The party stationed several of the Road Dogs at the dock and made its way up a ladder on one wall.

They quickly reached the detention level and made quick work of the four Loag standing guard. While they were cutting their way through the cell doors, Loag on the floor above began dropping grenades down on the party, killing several Road Dogs. IG-13, the party's assassin droid, stealthed up a ladder on the other side of the floor. From the top of the ladder, IG-13 shot the grenade-tossing Loag with his sniper rifle. The Loag dropped the grenade in his hand, killing him and the other Loag around him.

The Road Dogs at the dock informed the party that there were Loag in the submarines and that the Road Dogs were trying to take one of the submarines. LT. Nills took two Road Dogs and headed down the ladder to help. The rest of the party slowly made its way back down the ladder with Mia and Zann while Tarn caused a diversion above by attacking the Loag hanger at the top of the base.

By the time the party made its way back to the dock, Nills and the Road Dogs had captured one of the submarines. IG-13 used Braddock's rocket launcher (his commando skeleton key) to destroy an elevator full of Loag descending into the dock area. The party boarded the submarine and fired a torpedo into the other submarine as they headed out the tunnel. Once in the tunnel the submarine crashed through a security grate and began taking on water in the bow.

As the party rushed to seal off that section, the badly damaged second submarine torpedoed them from behind. Half of the party worked to seal off the breached sections while the other half worked to navigate down the tunnel and return fire. The first torpedo the party fired hit the ceiling directly aft of their submarine and exploded, causing additional damage to their sub. IG-13, at the controls, was overcome by strain and shut down, Kal rushed to man the helm.

The enemy sub missed with its next torpedo, but the party scored a direct hit with theirs and heard the enemy sub break up. Kal was knocked out by the periscope as he wrestled with the controls. Lockett managed to keep the sub from sinking long enough for everyone to escape to the surface.

This session served as a kind of climax to the opening section of the campaign. We have enough plot setup  and character hooks to now move on to a more sandbox game. The players will have to balance gaining enough money to pay off their debt with their search for the Dyson Sphere, and dealing with their personal issues.