Monday, October 14, 2013

Edge of Empire Session 7

On the way back from Merissee the party talked to Mia and determined that she felt that The Seekers had been responsible for her kidnapping. When the party returned to Elrood they learned that students and the robot mining union were rioting over the recently revealed bugging of the union office. The party decided to spend this session working off their debt and took a job from Paz Nor to fix a fight for the Arena Battles Championship. Paz Nor wanted the Elrood System Champion, Starchild, to defeat the current Galactic Champion, Karl Bruno. 

The smuggler, Tarn, used his underworld contacts to determine that there was plenty of dirt, including secret wives, on Karl Bruno. Half of the party set up a fake fighter persona for Kal as an excuse to go to the Elrood Arena Battles offices to get more information. While they were in the waiting area, Caitlin, the team slicer, hacked into the records system and got more dirt on Karl and on the refs. Kal was invited in to meet the owner, Terry Boulder. Boulder set him up with a match against The Hammer and told him that he was scheduled to lose. It was at this point that the party realized that all the matches in Arena Battles are fixed.

The other half of the team intercepted Karl Bruno at a red carpet event and IG-13, the assassin droid, passed him a note saying that the party knew about his wives and wanted him to call them. When Bruno got inside he called the party from a restroom. They threatened him with revealing his wives if he did not throw his match against Starchild. He told them it was impossible because the Arena Battles Corporation forced him to put a large deposit down on the belt when he became champion. They told him to figure it out and hung up. He stormed out of the theater and IG-13 tailed him back to his hotel. 

IG-13 slipped upstairs and began listening in to Bruno's phone conversation with Terry Boulder. While listening in, IG-13 was spotted and chased from the building. As he was fleeing the scene he noticed that he was being followed by a black landspeeder. He decided to lead the landspeeder to the riot zone and meet the rest of the party there. As IG-13 arrived at the riot zone he found that the police had cordoned the area off. As he got out of his truck the black landspeeder came around the corner and accelerated towards him; the rest of the party were still over a block away. IG-13 fired a round from his sniper rifle into the power plant of the landspeeder. The landspeeder blew up and killed the five men in side. IG-13's shot was caught on many cameras and posted to the holonet.

Terry Boulder was willing to discuss the fight outcome with the party after seeing how easily his men were cut down. He compromised, he told the party that he was willing to accept a temporary win by Starchild that would be overturned in a week. This would give Paz Nor long enough to collect on any bets he placed. The party agreed to a plan where the match would run to the time limit and be decided on points, a week later the points decision would be overturned when it was "discovered" that the judges had been bribed. After the meeting the party also leaned on the ref for the match to ensure that it went the way they needed it to.

On the night of the fight Kal had the opening match against the up and coming fighter, The Hammer. Kal ignored instructions to lose the match and took The Hammer down in two punches. Kal was told he would never get another match, but at least some of the crowd seemed to be in to his match. The party decided to place bets on Starchild for the main event. During the main event Starchild knocked Karl Bruno from some scaffolding, the ref ran over and yelled out that Karl Bruno had quit and raised Starchild's hand in victory.