Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Online Space Opera Gaming

Since finishing Mass Effect I have had a desire to do some space opera gaming, specifically Star Wars. My WEG Star Wars game was the longest running campaign of my DMing career (4 years), and I look back on it fondly. The problem is, I live in the middle of nowhere in Southern Maryland. SMD is not a fun place to live to start with, and the lack of gamers my age (34) makes it far, far worse. So I am looking to start an online space opera game, preferably Star Wars. 

This is still in the R&D phase, I have not even decided which system I want to use. I also need to figure out what online gaming tool I want to use. I know there are many available, and I have fooled around with Fantasy Grounds in the past. I am not sure that I want to go full tactical combat with a simulated tabletop though, so I may use something like Google Hangout. 

I do know what era I want to play in, Episode IV. For the purposes of the game, only Episode IV will exist; I will ignore all sequels, prequels, cartoons, novels, modules, sourcebooks, video games, Christmas Specials, and calanders. I may draw some things from them, but players should not come in with any previous conceptions from outside the first movie. I don't want to eliminate the possibility of PC Jedi, but I may depending on the system used.

While I am partial to the old WEG Star Wars rules, I realize that they are not readily available anymore. I own, but have no experience with, the Saga edition from WotC. I assume that it is mini-centric, so it may not be the best choice for the kind of online game I am looking to run. I recently downloaded newbiedm's Dragon AGE Star Wars hack, and it looks promising. I love Savage Worlds, and have used it to run Star Wars in the past, but it is a bit mini-centric. GURPS is a possibility, it is my all time favorite sci-fi system, but I worry that it might be hard to teach over the internet.

I am not 100% settled on Star Wars yet. Shatterzone would also scratch the itch, although it is probably hard to find and I am not sure how I would handle the cards online. I could also see using Stars Without Number, Eclipse Phase, or Rogue Trader. While I love Traveller, I don't think that is the style of game I am looking for this time.  

I also need to research what websites are good to look for players.