Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Reading

Looks like I have a pretty good pile of stuff to read through this weekend.

Fight On! Issue 5
Fight On! Issue 6
Knockspell Issue 3
Hackmaster Players
Hackmaster GM
(I found the two Hackmaster books in a used book store for $15. They look like they have never even been opened)

I will probably cheat and read Knockspell first because I am excited about it. I hope to get my Fight On! Issue 4 review up, one for the Knockspell issue and maybe, if I am lucky, get caught up with Fight On!

I am currently working on an inn to use as a home base in my OSRIC game that starts in January. If I get that finished I will get it up. Then I will work on setting some of the elements I want in the Outdoor Map