Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mutant Future Game 1: Prep

I am preparing to start my Mutant Future game on Saturday. The game will be set in and around the City of Camden in NJ. The game will be starting with 1 player. This works out well, he is the guy I started gaming with. It will be easy to test out the new system in that setting.

While the campaign itself will be a sandbox, I find it is best to start things off with a bang. I am going to use Grodog's suggestion and have the battleship New Jersey be in the hands of pirates. The player will start as a prisoner in the brig of the ship. I will leave the rest of the evening up to him. He can try to escape, join the crew, take over, or whatever else he can come up with. This means for the first session I will need a map of the ship, some NPC's, and a land area for him to escape to if he manages to get free.

I am struggling with the map, but I found some game stats (Robotech) for the ship here.

I am going to use Jeff Rient's Slimy Lake map from Fight On! Issue 6 for now if he gets ashore.

I can grab Kordon, Queen of the River Pirates to use as the captain.

I can throw in some of the Savage After Worlds encounters if he gets ashore

I am not usually this lazy, but I like to use the resources available if I can. Plus, I want to concentrate on getting the rules right for now. If it goes well I can put in the time to flesh things out.