Monday, November 9, 2009

City in the Worm

For centuries Noxxe was the most powerful city on Ocama. It was the seat of the great Xnips empire and the center of technological innovation. It was a gleaming metropolis of steel and concrete. That all ended when the Chaos Worms attacked. Four hundred years ago giant worms rose up from the earth and began devouring the works of man. Noxxe fell victim to the Chaos Worm god, the World Worm. The World Worm swallowed the city of Noxxe whole. But the city was too big for even the greatest Chaos Worm. The World Worm choked to death on the city of Noxxe and the Chaos Worm invasion ended. Few have dared to enter the body of the World Worm to plunder the lost city of Noxxe, and fewer still have returned with tales of their adventures.

The first stages of the journey to Noxxe will be the descent into the tunnel that the World Worm retreated into before dying. This will be a natural cavern exploration and the characters will have to deal with the standard cave dwelling monsters.

The second stage will be inside the dead body of the worm itself. The body has been preserved by its magic, so the characters will be travelling inside an organic complex. The characters should face bizarre enemies here. Standard Monster Manual opponents should be avoided in favor of mutations and organic weirdenss.

The final stage of exploration will be Noxxe itself. What has survived? Have people continued to live in the city for all these years? Have the organic monsters from the worm moved in? What remains of the high tech society?