Saturday, October 1, 2016

Stonehell August Game

This Stonehell session went well. The party started by checking out the repaired stone head. They determined that the head now could answer more than three questions, provided new, cryptic responses, and seemed to be more unreliable.

While leaving the head area, they saw a kobold work crew hauling off a large stone block. They found that the room they had previously used as a secure sleeping area had been converted to a staircase heading up. The staircase headed up about 60’.

They began investigating the Hunter’s Lodge above. They fought some animated columns in the entrance hall and began exploring to the east when they heard some moaning coming from that direction. They opened the door to find a bathroom with a large man in flagrante delicto with a crystal gnome statue. They had a brief encounter with the naked hunter who wielded the gnome statue as a club, but he escaped by jumping into one of the pools, which seemed to teleport him elsewhere. They followed him to the pool and were teleported to the base of the waterfall in the canyon.

The party decided to let the hunter escape and headed back down the steps to the dungeon. Once back in the dungeon, they made their way back up the stairs to the Hunter’s Lodge. They listened carefully, but heard no sign that an alarm had been raised. They decided to check behind the other door in the pool room and found A collection of the naked, crystal, gnome statues in both genders. They decided that the gnomes could fetch a good price in town and stashed some in the stairwell.

They decided to investigate the room to the west before returning to town, and found a library. Moving through the library, they found a store room and what appeared to be a collection of bizarre taxidermy. Our brave adventurers decided to head back to town with their loot and returned to the library to scoop up some valuable books. The wizard determined that three of the books were magic and began pulling them down. The second book animated and began flying around the room, attacking the wizard. They eventually managed to knock the book to the ground where it was savaged by the dog. They scooped up are loads of books and returned to town through the pool with some statues.

After resting up, the party returned to the canyon and began making their way back to the dungeon entrance. On the way there, they stopped to root around an old foundation at the urging of the assassin. After some digging, they found 800 gold buried.

They decided to further explore the second level that they had tentatively identified as an asylum in earlier expeditions. A map won from a riddle contest with a sphinx served as their guide as they began poking around. They discovered a secret room haunted by a poltergeist, a room filled with maddening script, a tribe of descendants of inmates that followed a man who worshipped a jack-in-a-box, and the corpse of an elf lounging in a trapped hot tub. As their resources began to run low from slaughtering inmates and baboons, they discovered a staircase heading up. During the ascent, the dwarf determined that they had gone up beyond the first level. They eventually found themselves in a room with a secret door that opened into the storeroom they found earlier in the Hunters’ Lodge.

As they headed back across the entrance hall they were confronted by they man they had chased, naked, from the baths earlier and another hunter. This time he was fully clothed and armed.

The party managed to kill the first Hunter quickly, but as he died, the sound of a hunting horn emanated from him and his friend seemed to grow stronger. After dispatching the second Hunter (and hearing another horn), with relative ease, they decided to investigate a southern hallway before leaving. As they listened at the door, two larger hunters ran into the room. As they fought these hunters, they noticed that they were significantly harder than the last two. After they killed one, the horn sounded again, and the remaining Hunter visibly enlarged.

The final Hunter proved a difficult foe, and struck down Kelkin before they managed to kill him. The saddened party carried Kelkin, and their loot, back to town. Fortunately, the avatar was able to resurrect the cleric.