Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Nautical Combat Rules

I am going to need some good nautical combat rules for one of the features I am adding to the Conquistador's Tomb. I am not interested in rules that are really only intended for one-on-one battles. I am looking for rules that will allow me to run naval battles that involve several ships, sea monsters, and possibly forts on the shore. The ships involved will be armed with black powder weapons.

I have pulled some resources together. Right now I am looking at:

OD&D Naval Combat
BECMI Expert Set
Pathfinder SRD Ship Combat Rules
AD&D 1st edition DMG

Ship combat is strangely absent from the 3.x core books. It is apparently in the Arms and Equipment Guide, which I have misplaced or lost over the years. The rules in Stormwrack , an excellent book, will not work due to their narrative nature. The .pdf for A&EG is fairly cheap if those rules are any good.

Can anyone think of something I am missing? I thought LotFP had extensive rules, but there wasn't much in my Rules and Magic book.