Monday, November 21, 2011

Buying LotFP Again

What would make me buy a new version of LotFP? Recently Raggi mentioned that the level system might be on the chopping block if there was a third edition of LotFP. This got me thinking about what changes to the game would make me interested in buying a new version. I think removing, or changing, the level system would be a change that would get me interested.

I would like to see changes that support the style of play found in Raggi's modules and that he describes in LotFP. I hope he will either remove levels or drastically change the way they work. The D&D power curve does not really fit with the overall tone of Raggi's stuff. While the original LotFP addresses this to some extent (only fighters advance at fighting), I'd like to see him go further.

I would also like to see Demi-humans removed. While they are part of the original game that LotFP is evolved from, they just don't seem to fit with the overall tone. Maybe they could be replaced with nonstandard races. Raggi doesn't like to use standard monsters, why not remove the traditional races as well. Or they could just be replaced with character classes that have similar abilities, but I hope he goes further, much further. I hope he goes weird.

The have been a recent group of retro-clones like Adventurer, Conqueror, King and Crypts and Things that have focused on developing certain areas of the game. There have also been games like Xplorers, Stars Without Number, and Mutant Future that have taken the old games and run in a new direction with them. I think LotFP wants to be more like the latter than the former in many ways. It seems to aspire to more than just a weird take on the old game.

I hope that whatever Raggi does in a new edition, if there ever is one, will be enough to tempt me into buying it. I hope he decides to go very, very weird.