Tuesday, November 15, 2011

GenCon Overview

That's right, I am going to do a GenCon post in mid-November. This year's GenCon was my favorite yet. As always the best part of the convention was the people I room with, The Podgecast guys. If Adam/David did not set up the rooms I would never be able to go.

This year was the first time I ever played a deck building game, I played Ascension and Thunderstone. I found Thunderstone to be a far superior game, it offered far more interesting choices during the game. Ascension was far more dependent on what cards were drawn, and we did not draw good ones. We drew only one type of card for the entire first half of the game, and another type for the second half. We got lots of items, but for the first half there was nothing to use them against. The other players assured me that this was rare and it only happened due to our proximity to Eric, but honestly, the fact that this happened shows a weakness in the game to me.

Another first for me this year was surviving a game of WEGS. WEGS is an insane "old skool" game that has some of the most ridiculously baroque play mechanics I have ever seen. I won't even try to explain it. Let's just say that I only play it once a year, and I love it. This year the GM failed to kill me for the first time. Granted, I ran away when the last fight started to look bad, and my team wound up beating it anyway. I will not even pretend that my cowardly ways bother me. As far as I am concerned, I WON WEGS!!!!

Another great experience was playing All for One, a gothic horror/Three Musketeers game from Paul "Wiggy" Wade. The game uses the Ubiquity System found in Hollow Earth Expedition. The game is fast moving and a lot of fun. The Ubiquity System is perfect for a swashbuckling Three Musketeers game. I highly recommend it.

I have two more games from the con that I want to discuss, Adventurer, Conqueror, King and Vornheim. One I played and one I purchased. They will each be getting their own post in the next few days.

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