Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stonehell: Advancement

I recently was asked in a comment if there was enough gold in Stonehell to support the training costs in OSRIC for gaining a level. According to the OSRIC rules it costs 1500 gp per level to gain a level in training costs. I am using the entourage system in my game so there are 4 players but each also has a dedicated henchman. I would like for there to be enough gold on the first level for all of the primary characters and main henchman to advance to level 2, even if some of the henchman don't get enough XP until later. This means there will need to be around 12,000 gp.

Some notes about my calculations:

1. This includes only the first level of the dungeon even though we also are playing the above ground areas.

2. I am including only treasure. I am not including the gold gained by selling weapons and armor taken off corpses. I am assuming that most of this goes to equipment, supplies, hirelings etc.

3. I am not including obscure things like selling natural resources to an alchemist.

Here are the rough amounts for each area:

1-A: 2700
1-B: 6500
1-C: 10000
1-D: 1483
Total: 20,734 gp

I am well over the required 12,000 gp. Even if they do not find all the treasure and some 2nd level characters die and additional expenses are incurred we have a good safety margin here.

So far it seems safe to apply training costs from OSRIC in Stonehell. In fact it almost seems like there would be too much gold laying around unless you do charge for training.