Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Long, Strange Trip

Two ago a former player of min passed away. He was about 30 years older than me, so he would be in his early 60s now if he had lived. One of his children recently sent be a box full of hid RPG stuff. It is full of all kinds of cool old stuff as well as a DVD with a bunch of Judges Guild .pdfs. I have no idea how legal these .pdfs are but amongst them were some fan made products, including a few by Gabor Lux.

I have remarked before that Gabor Lux is very prolific in the two old school magazines and there have been several of his articles that I really enjoyed (in fact there is an adventure in FO5 that is great). I have been meaning to search around to see if he has a blog or website for a while and decided that this was the perfect time to do so.

While I did not find a blog or website my search brought up this very level headed review of Carcosa. This was something else I have been meaning to pick up so I started checking out some of the posts by Geoffrey on Dragonsfoot. I found two, about the possibility of using the Holmes box set as a complete game especially interesting (here and here). So I ordered Carcosa, I got my file last night and am going to make my booklet today.

But the original mystery is still unsolved, where can I find out more about Mr. Lux's Fomalhaut setting and does he have a blog or website?

Akso if anyone knows of any other cool posts like the ones I linked from Dragonsfoot let me know. I love that kind of stuff.