Saturday, February 20, 2010

So Many Doors

Over at Aeons & Augauries, JDJarvis posted a bunch of symbols of different door types. What, you aks, would I want with all those door symbols? The main thing I want with all those door symbols is to figure out how they would mechanically differentiate themselves in game. This is another one of those great blog posts that gets me thinking, it doesn't give me any answers, just a launching point for an evening of RPG related thought.

This got me rereading godog's From Kuroth's Quill #01 that dealt with special doors, stairs and sublevels. And this got me excited about getting back to work on my changes to Stonehell (after loosing play time to the snowpocolypse we should be back on track next week, I hope). So what would I do to make these doors different?

Pivot Hinge: Have to choose between a one handed weapon attack or your shield bonus while standing in the doorway. There is no enough room for both or for a two handed attack.

Flapped Hinge: Surprise penalty while entering room. If no one holds it open it shuts.

Slides Down: Can be lowered part of the way to provide cover

Flimsy Door: Can be charged through

Decrepit Door: 1 in 6 chance of mold if bashed. 1 in 6 chance lock is rusted shut.

Chained Door: First bash attempt only breaks door open. It opens part way before being stopped by the chain. A second, esier, attempt is required.

Slotted Door: Piercing attacks are possible through the slot. -1 to attack roll

These are just the ones that came to me off the top of my head, some of the doors are just stronger or weaker. Others will have more complicated in game effects.