Friday, February 19, 2010

Iron Tyrants Website

Iron Tyrants is a mech mini game by David (I may accidently also call him Adam from time to time) and Luke at the Podgecast. I was lucky to get a chance to play it at Gen Con last year and now their website is up as launch draws closer.

First, David and Luke are great guys. I went to Gen Con with them last year and Luke was one of the people I roomed with. The guys a roomed with were a fun multiplier for the whole event. If the quality of the person making the game matters to you, they check that box.

Second, I think that podcasts, and especially shows like The Podgecast and Fear the Boot, are one of the best things the RPG world has going right now (the old school revolution and Fantasy Flight Games being the others). This is a game being made with that same "do it yourself" spirit that makes podcasting and the OSR so important.

Third, it was a fun game 6 months ago. I imagine that as playtesting has progressed it has only gotten better. It moves fast and the overdrive mechanic allows you to make gonzo, go-for-broke, damn the torpedoes full speed ahead, gambles. There is a real risk vs reward mechanism to the game.

Fourth, and this is just in case David reads this, it is shockingly well balanced despite the fact that no mathematical method was used to balance it.

Anyway I suggest you check out the Iron Tyrant's website