Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gaming with Kids: Sir Kevin and the Leprechaun

Sir Kevin decided to follow the unicorn as it fled the goblin hut. He quickly lost sight of it in the forest though. It wasn't long before he realized that he was lost and it was getting dark. He decided to rest on a log while he got his bearings. Once he sat down he started feeling very sleepy. He managed to jerk himself awake and find a strange little man dressed in green nearby.

"Who are you?"

"I am a leprechaun, and I want to make a deal with you."

"What is the deal?"

"I will tell you where to find my pot of gold, if you will dig it up for me. You can have all the gold in it, I just need the pot."

"Why can't you dig it up?"

"An evil witch put a curse on me."

"We should kill the witch."

"I am afraid she is long gone. I have had this curse for 100 years."

"That is horrible. I will help you get your pot back."

"Very good. Just follow this path to the bridge, cross the river, and dig where the rainbow ends."

"What path?"

"The one we are standing on!"

"Oh, I didn't notice it before."

"It's magic...." The leprechaun vanished into thin air.

Sir Kevin finished resting and set off down the path first thing in the morning. After a few hours Sir Kevin came to the bridge, a knight in black armor sat atop a black horse on the bridge.

"You shall not pass"

"But I have to get over the river to get the pot of gold!"

"You shall not pass"

"I'll give you half of the gold if you let me through."

"You shall not pass"

"I am going to walk around you now"

"No one has crossed this bridge for 50 years"

"I'll wait till you eat"

"I do not eat"

"I am coming through"

"I will strike you down if you try"

Sir Kevin walked towards the Black Knight, drawing his sword. The Black Knight charged Sir Kevin, lance in hand. Sir Kevin dodged to the side at the last second, the Black Knight charged by. Sir Kevin ran for the brideg. Behind him the Black Knight turned and started to run Sir Kevin down from behind. When Sir Kevin felt the horse's hot breath on his neck he turned, grasping the mermaid statue's spear in both hands. The spear took the Black Knight in the chest, his armor exploded in every direction in a flash of light.

When Sir Kevin's vision cleared he saw that there had been nothing inside the Black Knight's armor. It was scattered on the ground, crackling with electricity. Sir Kevin decided to put on the Black Knight's armor and take the horse to ride down the path.

Shortly after crossing the bridge Sir Kevin could see the rainbow. He followed it to where it hit the ground on a grassy hill. He began to dig.

Sir Kevin dug for three days and three nights before his shovel hit something metal. The pot of gold! He pulled the pot from the hole and turned it upside down to pour out the gold. Gold came streaming out of the pot, soon it covered the entire hill. The gold kept coming! Sir Kevin tried to turn the pot upright but it would not budge, he let go of it and it hung in the air. Soon the gold covered the ground as far as Sir Kevin could see, a foot deep. The gold was piling up around the hill and Sir Kevin struggled to stay on top.

From somewhere nearby he heard the high pitched cackle of the leprechaun.