Monday, January 11, 2010

Adventure Names: Songs

I would love to see what an adventure with any of these names would be like (in easy to use d100 form)

1. Last Train to London
2. In the Hall of the Mountain King
3. Welcome to My Nightmare
4. Heart of Glass
5. The Bringer of Old Age
6. Jungleland
7. Darkness on the Edge of Town (Hey, I am from NJ)
8. The Man Who Sold the World
9. Child in Time
10.Spanish Caravan
11.Soldiers of the Wastelands
12.Burn Down the Mission
13.The Ecstasy of Gold
14. Gabriel's Oboe
15.Wanderers from Ys
16.Castles Made of Sand
17.Vanishing World
18.Walking the Path of Legend
19.The Ancient City Surfaces
20.Collapse of the Ark Napishtim
21.Scenes From a Night's Dream
22.Duke's Travels
23.Land of Confusion
24.Firth of Fith
25.In the Cage
26.Los Endos
27.Watcher of the Skies
28.Dance on a Volcano
29.Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
30.Dark Horse
31.Rocket Queen
32.The Lonely Bull
33.2 Minutes to Midnight
34.Can I Play With Madness
35.The Evil That Men Do
36.Duel of the Fates
37.Electric Eye
38.Bat out of Hell
39.Dead Ringer For Love
40.Symphony of Destruction
41.Wake Up Dead
42.Fire on the Mountain
43.Hooligan's Holiday
44.The World is Not Enough
45.Butterflies and Hurricanes
46.Knights of Cydonia
47.Mt. Ordeals
48.Road to Nowhere
49.Wolfman's Brother
50.Purple Rain
51.Keep Yourself Alive
52.Seven Seas of Rhye
53.A Kind of Magic
54.Who Wants to Live Forever
55.Imitation of Life
56.The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight
57.Ashes in the Fall
58.People of the Sun
59.No Shelter
60.Sympathy for the Devil
61.Pulsing Towards Ruin
62.Living for the City
64.Handle With Care
65.Tweeter and the Monkey Man
66.Xanadu (Just seeing if you are still reading)
67.King of Kings
68.The Watchers are Being Watched
69.The Musical Pocket Watch
70.Once Upon a Time in the West
71.Cinema Paradiso
74.Home by the Sea
75.Midnight Rider
76.Night on Bald Hill
77.Whipping Post
78.Space Truckin'
79.Rainbow Demon
80.The Magician's Birthday
81.Echoes in the Dark
82.Footprints in the Snow
83.God of Thunder
84.The Hanging Tree
85.Atomic Punk
86.Verklärte Nacht
87.Consecration of the House
88.Screaming for Vengence
89.Symphonie Fantastique
90.Locomotive Breath
91.The Ancient Giants Under the Sun
92.On The Silent Wings of Freedom
93.Gates of Delirium
94.The Three Fates
96.Phantom Lord
97.Disposable Heroes
98.The Ones Who Help to Set the Sun
99.Under a Glass Moon
100.Prophets of War