Saturday, December 26, 2009

Gaming with Kids: Sir Kevin and the Daring Rescue

Continued from Part I

Sir Kevin was able to convince the mushroom men that he was not hostile through gestures, hopping around, and making funny noises. The mushroom men surrounded him and herded him down a corridor. Soon he was in the throne room of the queen of the mushroom people. He was surprised to see that the queen was a teenage girl named Ariel. She explained to him that she had fallen into a hole when she was a young girl and the mushroom men had raised her. As she got older they learned to trust her judgment and made her their queen. Sir Kevin explained his quest to rescue the unicorn and Queen Ariel ordered the mushroom men to escort him back to the surface.

Once back above ground Sir Kevin set out in the direction of the Goblin's shack. As he made his way through the forest he saw what looked like a beehive dangling from a tree. Since there had been nothing to eat in the caves other than rats Sir Kevin decided he wanted some honey. He used his sword to knock down the hive. Little flying men came swarming out. Sir Kevin tried to swat them away but they were too small, their poisoned arrows easily slipped through the cracks in his armor and numbed him. Paralyzed, Sir Kevin was at their mercy.

One of the flying men explained that they were pixies and that Sir Kevin had destroyed their palace. Sir Kevin apologized and offered to hang their nest back up. He explained that he was trying to free a unicorn and needed something to eat. The pixies accepted his offer to help and insisted on helping him free the unicorn.

After the nest was back in the tree Sir Kevin and the pixies snuck up on the Goblin's Shack. Sir Kevin told the pixies to draw the goblins out of the shack while he rescued the unicorn (not bad for a 7 year old). The plan worked without any problems and the unicorn took off into the forest.